Our Rates

Quality & Affordable Senior Living in Midland, MI

At H Senior Living, we understand that each of our residents has their own unique set of needs and challenges. Providing a new approach to assisted senior living, our retirement communities offer a warm sense of family while helping to maintain independence for our residents.

Our facility is licensed by the State of Michigan, and our compassionate staff is trained to provide 24hr. care to ensure our residents' comfort and safety, no matter what their needs.  

As part of our specialized program, we offer care packages at designated levels. These levels are designed to accommodate any assistance or supervision our residents may require based on their abilities for activities of daily living, or ADLs.

As part of our basic care, all at will residents will receive the following services:

  • Assistance in the shower
  • Hair styled and curled daily
  • Shaving
  • Assistance with dentures

Please read below to learn more about the care levels included in our program and their rates. 

ADL's = Activities of Daily Living

Level 1 Care:

  • Individual needs minimal assistance with ADL's (Dressing, restroom use, oral care)
  • May need verbal cues by staff to perform ADL's
  • Must be able to ambulate.
  • Must be able to eat independently.

Auburn Rates - Starting At Private: $3,100* Semi-Private: $2,800*

Cascades Rates - Starting At Private: $3,400* Semi-Private: $3,000*

Level 2 Care:

  • Individual needs moderate assistance with ADL's (Dressing, restroom use, oral care, ambulation, wheelchairs)
  • Individual needs assistance from staff to perform some ADL's.
  • Must be able to eat independently
  • Must be able to stand and pivot transfer.

Auburn Rates - Starting At Private: $3,300* Semi-Private: $3,000*

Cascades Rates - Starting At Private: $3,800* Semi-Private: $3,400*

Level 3 Care:

  • Individual needs assistance with most ADL's (Dressing, restroom use, oral care, ambulation, wheelchairs, eating, peri-care)
  • May need minimum to maximum assistance with transfers.

Auburn Rates - Starting At Private: $3,500*  Semi-Private: $3,200*

Cascades Rates - Starting At Private: $4,200* Semi-Private: $3,800*

Level 4 Care:

  • Individual is placed on Hospice Care.
  • Dependent on staff to perform ADL's.
  • Increased medical coordination care.
  • Memory Care. This includes Alzheimer's, Dementia, and wander risk.

Auburn - Starting At Private $3,950* Semi-Private $3,750*

Cascades Rates - Starting At Private: $4,400* Semi-Private $4,000*

Companion Living Side Care - Freestyle Living:

Companion suites are our freestyle living option, where you set your own schedule, enjoy independent living, and choose your own meals. This option still has access to the care in an assisted living program but it is more personal and flexible to our residents' needs and preferences.

Suites include fully furnished rooms with cable TV, daily laundry services, all meals/snacks, medication management, all personal hygiene care, and daily activities. In addition, we offer hospice and end of life care, as well as nursing,  in-house doctor, podiatrist, and a  hairdresser.

Cascades Rates Level 1-3 - :$4,200* Level 4 -$4,500*

Please note that if the staff has consistent problems getting a resident to perform ADL's, the resident may need to be moved to the next care level. Example: oral care where the resident refuses to take out teeth or to put teeth in/to get teeth brushed.

*Please note that all Diabetics requiring needs of sugar checking and insulin will be charged an extra $100 due to extended training, snacks, and insulin regimens.

*Residents with severe dementia/Alzheimer's are automatically placed at level 3.

Any resident on hospice or in an electric wheelchair will require a private room and will be charged $3000. This is due to the room and electric wheelchair requires and the damage they do to walls.

For our Hospice patients, the care and equipment necessary for the end of life stages will require more room and privacy.

*Prices are subject to change at any time.